Fresh Water Use

The only maintenance required is cleaning if the Air-Dock is removed from the water. Algae grows on the Air-Dock but does not stick like it sticks to your boat. A boat's gel coat, which is mostly polyester, is actually porous and allows algae to grow into the pores. The Air-Dock can be cleaned with a brush and mild soap.

Some algae may grow on the top surface of the Air-Dock boat lift while the boat is not there. This algae does not transfer onto the boat hull and actually helps the boat slide in and out easier.

Deflated Air-Dock laying partly on the dock


Salt Water Use

Roughly one third of all Air-Dock boat lifts are used in salt water
applications.  The salt water does not affect the Air-Dock material.
Barnacles will grow on the material but do not harm it nor affect the
operation of the Air-Dock boat lift.  Some customers clean the barnacles off
themselves from time to time and some hire a diver to do it the same as they
would clean an inflatable boat.

Though not required, anti-fouling paint can be used on the Air-Dock boat
lift to reduce the amount of cleaning necessary.  The Air-Dock boat lift can
be painted on land or in the water by flipping it over and inflating the air
chambers.  For this we recommend black "Bottomshield" anti-fouling paint
from West Marine.

Deflated Air-Dock laying partly on the dock


Removal of the Air-Dock Boat Lift

For easier removal of the Air-Dock Boat Lift, separate the air chambers and inflate each one to 90% full. Or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air more quickly. Separating the main air chambers will also ease transportation and storage.


Small cuts or abrasions in the Air-Dock material can be patched with a repair kit that comes with the Air-Dock. If a major repair is necessary, that air chamber can be sent back to Air-Dock for repair.


After cleaning and drying, simply roll the air chambers and store them in a clean dry place such as a garage or even inside your boat. Do not "double fold" (i.e. folding like a flag or a blanket) for long periods of time.