Why an Air-Dock Boat Lift?

Air-Dock has sold thousands of boat lifts throughout the world since 1999. Our inflatable floating boat lifts hoist boats as small as personal water-craft and as large as 18,000 pounds and performance boats up to 51 feet long.

A boat hoist will keep your hull clean. Algae growth on the gelcoat of your boat hull not only looks unsightly but can permanently stain the boat reducing its resale value. Algae growth can also reduce your top speed by 10 mph and it will greatly reduce your gas mileage.

Read more to learn why the Air-Dock boat lift is a great alternative to mechanical hoists, davits, or antifouling paint.

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What are the Benefits of an Air-Dock boat lift?

The Air-Dock floating inflatable boat lift is a great low cost solution to hull maintenance problems, especially in shallow or deep water, fresh or salt water. Thousands of Air-Dock customers worldwide are enjoying the ease and simplicity of this affordable inflatable floating boat lift solution.

If you are considering anti-fouling paint on your boat remember that bottom paint requires the removal of the gelcoat from the boat hull. Also, the anti-fouling paint will need to be re-applied periodically and does not prevent electrolysis. For the cost of several bottom paintings you could purchase an Air-Dock boat lift.

Read more to learn why the floating Air-Dock boat lift is a great alternative to mechanical hoists, davits, and antifouling painting boat lift will greatly increase the pleasure, pride, and resale value of your boating investment.

  • Works in deep or shallow water
  • Works in fluctuating water depths
  • Works in fresh, brackish, or salt water
  • Works in narrow spaces
  • Raises with 110 volt power, or with boat battery & power inverter
  • Thousands have installed Air-Docks without swimming or diving
  • Easy to relocate and works almost anywhere
  • More economical than anti-fouling paint
  • Stores out of sight
  • No permanent connections to the boat dock
  • Puts no weight on the boat dock
  • No stress points on the boat hull
  • No metal parts to rust or corrode
  • Provides easy boarding and access