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Does this work for sailboats?2024-03-15T06:28:20-04:00

If you have a retractable keel/centerboard, then an Air-Dock lift can work for you, however, if you have a fixed keel boat, we currently do not have a lift option for you.

How long does it take to inflate?2024-03-14T13:34:33-04:00

Small lifts can be inflated and deflated in 3-5 min, while larger lifts could require up to 7 mins.

Will fishhooks damage my lift?2024-03-14T13:37:34-04:00

We have sold thousands of Air-Docks and we don’t know of an actual confirmed case of a fishhook putting a hole in one.  Even the number of “suspected” occurrences is extremely small, however, they are easy to patch, and every Air-Dock comes with a patch kit.

Does this work for pontoon / tri-toon boats?2024-03-14T13:35:03-04:00

Yes, special spreaders are used to widen the lift to accommodate the toons of the boats.  This is also how some Cat boats are lifted.

What if I don’t have shore power?2024-03-14T11:57:07-04:00

Air-Dock can be powered by a boat’s 12-volt DC battery with the use of our optional battery inverter.  It requires normal 110v AC household power.

Is there a remote control?2024-03-14T13:35:43-04:00

Currently we do not offer a model with a remote.  Once you lower the boat and go out on the water you don’t need to do anything with the Air-Dock until you have driven it back in. 

What if I get a leak?2024-03-14T13:38:39-04:00

Leaks can happen but are usually rare and avoidable.  Most leaks are patchable, and each Air-Dock comes with a patch kit.

Most leaks are caused by the air chambers rubbing on the dock or other structure.  When quoting, we will check to see if your docking space is wide enough to accommodate the suggested lift and protect it from rubbing.  In narrow spaces, some users attached boat fenders horizontally to the sides of the air chambers for extra protection.

Additionally, we sell individual air chambers, so should you have an issue, each one can be replaced without needing to pay to replace the whole lift.

What about freezing water? Do I have to remove it for the winter?2024-03-14T13:41:33-04:00

Whether or not you remove it for the winter depends on winter water conditions.  If you only get a thin layer of ice it will not affect the operation of the Air-Dock.  However, if you expect a “hard freeze” (such that you can walk on the ice) then we recommend removing the Air-Dock.  If you want to leave the boat on it, we recommend using bubblers or ice-eaters to prevent the water from freezing around it.  We also recommend being able to keep an eye on things, and not leaving your boat unattended for long periods.

How long do they last?2024-03-14T13:42:30-04:00

We expect Air-Docks lifts to last 12-18 years with proper maintenance, and we have customers who have used them for 20 + years.  The material used in other applications, like industrial roofing, can last for over 30 years.

Does the Air-Dock work with inboard and V-Drive boats?2024-03-14T13:43:03-04:00

Yes.  We include a heavy duty protective reinforced rubber mat to protect the air chambers from the tracking fins on most of these boats.  Also, our lifts are designed at the stern end to accommodate the shaft and prop.

Are they affected by salt water?2024-03-14T13:47:47-04:00

Salt water does not harm or deteriorate the Air-Dock boat lift.  Barnacles will grow on the bottom surface but do not affect its operation.  The barnacles can be removed with a variety of scraping tools.  They come off easiest when still in the water or immediately after removing.

How does the installation process work?2024-03-14T13:44:13-04:00

The Air-Dock is a self-install kit.  We have thousands of customers who have installed it themselves.  Our rule of thumb is anyone who is even “slightly handy” can install it.  However, it does require a certain amount of time and effort.  Please contact us if you have concerns about installing.  Installation times vary by application and by installers.  A small, simple, application may take 3-4 hours but a large Air-Dock with a frame kit may take a full day, or more.

We recommend two installers to aid in the assembly and launching processes.

How long does it take to have get my lift?2024-03-14T13:44:26-04:00

We usually ship new boat lift orders withing one week depending on current inventory levels and demand.  We ship FedEx direct to your door for ease of use.

How much do they cost?2024-03-14T13:44:40-04:00

The cost varies based on the size and style of your boat, and accessories that you might need based on your overall docking configuration.  Contact us for a survey form so we can provide a quote or check out our sizing chart.

How much water depth do I need?2024-03-14T13:45:00-04:00

You only need enough water depth to float your boat.  In fact, if your boat sinks a bit into soft mud the Air-Dock will sink down with it.  When inflated, the air chamber’s draft is significantly less that the boat’s draft.

Where are they Made?2024-03-14T13:45:09-04:00

All parts are USA sourced and the finished product is manufactured in southeastern Ohio.

Where can I see one in person?2024-03-14T13:45:24-04:00

Air-Dock Boat Lifts attends frequent boat shows across the US.  You can ask us when we may be in your area or check out our blog posts.  Also, if you live in a populated area, we may be able to reach out to other Air-Dock owners to see if they would be willing to demonstrate their lift for you.

What if I side tie my boat?2024-03-14T13:45:39-04:00

Air-Dock Boat Lifts can utilize a floating PVC frame kit for any docking scenario. Check out our installation page for more details.

Does this keep my boat completely dry?2024-03-14T13:45:52-04:00

Yes, as the chambers lift your boat, the water flows easily off letting your boat dry within a few minutes of lifting. There is no pooling of water anywhere on the lift.

How do I clean it?2024-03-14T13:46:57-04:00

Clean exposed areas, when necessary, with a soft bristle brush, water, soap.  Periodically it can be uninstalled and cleaned with a power washer on a low setting.  It can also be scraped while in the water similar to other marine products.

Will my marina allow it?2024-03-14T13:50:42-04:00

Yes! Most marinas have no problem with our lifts.  As a non-permanent structure, it can be removed at any time and has no permanent structural attachments.  We even speak with harbor masters for you to answer any questions they might have.

What if I get a different boat in the future?2024-03-14T13:54:02-04:00

Each Air-Dock model has a range for both length, beam, and weight, and your new boat may fit on your current lift. This information can be seen on our sizing chart.  If you know what boat you may want in the future, we can plan for that and adapt your current lift for your new boat while keeping functionality with your current boat.

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