Each year boaters begin a search for a method to keep their boats clean and protected from the elements that surround them. Many ask themselves if a boat lift should be on their wish list. Here is some helpful information to assist in this process and hopefully reach to the right decision for you.

1. Should I use Anti-Fouling paint instead of a lift?

If you are in salt water, anti-fouling paint can be used, but it requires multiple applications that will need to be sanded and repainted often. Lots of labor is involved for either yourself, or the crew you will have to pay to complete the work. Often over the years, this can easily outweigh the price of a lift for your boat.

A lift is initially more expensive but requires less annual work. All you need is a slip where you can keep your boat and you are protected.

2. Should I dry dock my boat?

If you have a slip available, keeping your boat in the water on a lift allows for ease of use, saves time, and increases the fun of your boating experience.

Removing your boat after each use can be time consuming and let’s face it, might make you not want to go boating due to all the extra work that goes along with launching and pulling your boat.

3. Clean up after use.

With a lift, your boat can be shiny and protected with just a rinse down after you use it.

Without a lift, you will most likely have growth and even possible damage to the gelcoat of your boat. That could be time consuming to clean and expensive to fix.

4. Preserving the look of a clean, new boat!

Obviously, boaters want their investment to not only look nice, but retain its resale value. A lift will provide this with minimal effort, and you will not only maintain that value, but the pride of having a clean boat to share with your friends and family!

Once you’ve determined that a lift is right for you, its time to choose your lift style. Air-Dock Boat Lifts provides an easy, cost-effective, DIY experience that is just a portion of the cost of other lifts. With Air-Dock, once you are lifted, you’ll feel gifted… with a great boating experience.