Frustration at the true cost of boat ownership is a very real dilemma that most boat owners are faced with.  Air-Dock Boat Lifts is here to help you solve one of the financial and time burdens that comes with boat ownership, and that is the constant debate between bottom painting your boat or purchasing a lift.

How Much Does Bottom Paint Cost?

Bottom paint costs can vary depending on your location, boat size, durability of the paint, etc.  There are many choices of bottom paint on the market and they can range from $120 – $350 per gallon.  That isn’t the total cost however, most of the cost of bottom paint is in the labor, tools, drydock storage, and incidentals.  Many states regulate the disposal of old material that can contain toxic chemicals, and often require a trained team to complete the job correctly.

As an estimate, you can expect about $125-$150 per linear foot to bottom paint your boat.  That is approximately $3500 to have a quality job done by a professional on a 26′ boat.  This expense is also reoccurring, because no matter how well you take care of your boat, it will need to be re-accomplished every 2-3 years. This means that if you keep your boat for 12 years you could be looking at a bill of between $14,000 and $21,000.

How Much Does an Air-Dock Boat Lift Cost?

Air-Dock Boat Lifts were designed from the beginning to help our customers protect their boat for a price they could afford.  Each lift is tailored to the boat and slip, meaning you’re not paying for more than you need.  Air-Dock lifts are often portable and can be moved from slip to slip and marina to marina, saving you the cost of installing should your boat’s home need to be relocated.

For the same 26′ boat that we discussed earlier, Air-Dock would use a D-2 model lift that would cost $5,755 retail. That includes not only the lift, but all the required accessories needed for easy installation and use, including technical support for the life span of the system, and a 5 year warranty on an American made product.   With customers averaging 15-20 years on their Air-Dock Lifts, it is one factor that helps bring down the overall cost of boat ownership.

What To Choose…?

Really the answer comes down to what you think is best in your situation, however, with rising costs of labor, marina space restrictions, and local mandates regarding bottom paint toxicity, the old model of paint it and forget it may be reaching the end of its useful life.  Boat lift costs, in general, are front loaded, but if handled correctly, you can not only save money, but also your most valuable resource, more time on the water doing what you love.

In the end, we at Air-Dock believe that boating should be about the joy of being on the water, not the hidden costs and troubles of protecting and repairing your boat.  Keep the experience as perfect in real life as it was in your mind the day you bought your boat.  Now let’s get back to fishing, cruising, sailing, and enjoying our time on the water!

If you’d like some additional advice or would like to discuss your boat lift options, give us call and we can help determine what is right for you.

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