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The More Hulls – The Better

Multi-hull boat designs have grown quickly in popularity and Air-Dock has grown with them. Keeping features from our original design and adding flexibility and new options, we have created a lift system tailored to the multi-hull community. With multiple sizes and options, your lift can be ready and shipped to your door in days, not weeks or months like our competition.

The Multi-hull boat lift can accommodate the dimensions of the smallest pontoon boats to the largest Catboats.
Maximum weight capacity of 12,000 lbs. on our largest size lifts.
Our low prices get your boat out of the water for a fraction of the cost of the competition. Check below for an approximate price of a lift for your boat or get a FREE QUOTE!

Multi-hull boats can be lifted on either three, or four interwoven chambers, but our most common size is comprised of three chambers meticulously tailored to fit your unique boat style. A square bow chamber, fitted to your boats width, makes docking fast and easy. Simply use the control assembly to inflate your chambers and your boat is now floating on a stable cushion of air!

Check out more information on our Installation & Usage Page!

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