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A Boat Lift That Matches The Speed Of Your Lifestyle!

For Jetboats and Inboards its what’s under the water that counts. We at Air-Dock understand that not all boats are made the same and you have concerns about how our lifts will work in your unique situation. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we can confidently say that our weight kit systems coupled with our specialized protector mats will keep the underside of your boat safe and clear of obstructions so you can enjoy the need for speed!

From your classic wooden inboard, to the fastest Jetboat, we have a solution to fit your boat’s needs.
Maximum weight capacity of 18,000 lbs. for the largest and fastest cigarette boats in town.
A starting retail price of $2,750 for small models & $4,900 for large models means more money in the gas tank and less money on your boat lift!

Inboards, Jetboats, and V-Drives are lifted on the chamber combination corresponding to your boats size and weight. Each customer’s specific needs are detailed and understood so that the perfect lift can tailored to their boat. Whether it’s two chambers or three we guarantee our Air-Dock will function to match exactly what you need in a boat lift. All that is left is to easily use the control assembly to inflate your chambers and your boat is now floating on a stable cushion of air!

Check out our Installation & Usage Page for detailed information and examples!

How Air-Dock works with your Inboard / V-drive

How Air-Dock works with your Jetboat

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